I’m a new digital design and web designer who is currently in first year computer science. This site will show the progression of my work throughout my studies plus my own personal projects, work and businesses.
Medical AppliactionsMedical Application - Suite of apps which were designed to help people cope with type 1 diabeties
South EastSouth East Property Buyers - This app was designed with the optimal way to allow people to enquire about purchasing properties.
Insulin CalcInsulin-Calc - An app which is designed to help people with diabetes to control there blood sugar levels easily and effeciently. It also bring the technology found in £100 devices to the internet for free.

Flip-o-maticFlip-o-Mataic - An application for flipping text upside down.
barry bridgerBarry Bridger - This site is made to show off an artistic roller skating club. It was made with the idea of being informative whilst being a showreal for there work.

Longest Website - An application for demonstrating how long a website can be, which is of course infinate, but this site looks nice.
Sailing Round the Isle of WeightSailing Round the Isle of Weight - A site designed to rasies money for my sailing challenge. The priniciple was to be excting and stimulatiing and make it as easy as possible to donate.

Sally ChanterSally Chanter - A personal website for sally chanter, an artist who specilises in life drawing.
SarahSarah O'Donoghue - A personal site to adveritse the services which she can do. She specilies in picture conservation.

WASWAS - An experimental site for a group of musicalians, the idea allow user to easily listen to msuic whilst also being a mordern and striking design.
Time-o-maticTime-O-Matic - An online clock system designed to allow the user to tell the time online and set alarms, this was built as an personal experiment.